Dare To with John Volturo

Ep. 1: Creating stories that touch people (and sell)

Episode Summary

In this episode, we meet Dana Richie. Dana Richie is a world-renowned content producer and entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles, California. Dana creates entertainment, news, and documentary content that has won international awards and has been seen by tens of millions of people worldwide. In this episode, we learn how Dana's successful storytelling approach helps the brands that hire her to touch their customers and sell more products and services.

Episode Notes

Dana Richie is a born storyteller and uses her talents to help brands tell stories. 

At an early age, Dana began writing for Houston newspapers, and reported on the important topics of the day. A native of Texas, everything Dana does is big, and when she graduated college, she went to CNN in Atlanta, and then up to New York City where she worked with Barbara Walters on 20/20. Then she landed at VH1. Dana has interviewed some of the most powerful and newsworthy people on the planet. Her success at landing these jobs and connecting with people revolves around storytelling.

Now, Dana is a successful Los Angeles-based founder and CEO of her own company, Backlot Productions. You can find Dana Richie and her amazing portfolio of work at BackLotProductions.com.

Here's what you'll hear and learn in this episode:

  1. How to manifest your energy around something you love and make it a priority so it happens for you
  2. How to tell and sell a story 
  3. How to find your motivation and tap into your grit to overcome obstacles
  4. What a mentor can do for you